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One of my favorite recipes

Take an quart of hony and sethe it and skime it clene; take Safroun, pouder Pepir and throw theron; take gratyd Brede and make it so chargeaunt that it wol be y-lechyd; then take pouder canelle and straw ther-on y-now; then make yt square, lyke as thou wolt leche yt; take when tho lechyst hyt, an caste Box leves a-bowyn, y-stykyd ther-on, on clowys. An if thou wolt have it Red, colour it with Saunderys y-now.

**Note that this isn't even baked- it makes a very thick paste that can be shaped and sliced. You pat powdered cinnamon all over the outside to reduce the stickiness. And I'd recommend using food color paste rather than powdered red sandlewood if you want it red.

Translation (rough):
Boil a quart of honey and skim it (probably not necessary here in the States)
Stir in saffron and powered black pepper
Add enough fine breadcrumbs to make a paste thick enough to cut
Gather into a ball, roll in powdered cinnamon, and pat it into a square or loaf.
To serve: Slice. Garnish each slice with box leaves impaled on cloves
And if you want it colored red, add enough red sandlewood sawdust to color it.
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