Stella of Revealing (dreamsherd) wrote in rumahouli,
Stella of Revealing

potatoes au gratin

more a method than a recipe

thinly sliced fresh raw potatoes (a bunch)
a little flour
melty cheese, grated

layer the ingredients above (about 1/3 of each to a layer) in a buttered pie or lasagna dish.  cover with foil and bake at 400F til they're soft when you stick a knife into them & the cheese is melted.  
this was the basic recipe i got from my mom; she used velveeta cheese.  i grew older and realized that there was better cheese to be had, so i switched to making a basic cheese sauce using real cheddar (same ingredients as above) and layering that over the sliced potatoes.  ta da!  easy cheesy.
many sorts of cheese can be used- gruyere is good.  or you can leave out the cheese & have scalloped potatoes ( i usually add some herbs/spices & onions to this).  you can use cream or half&half instead of milk if you don't care about calories.  you can even substitute cooked pasta for the potatoes- ooops, then it's mac & cheese!
edit:  just remember to add enough liquid to let the potato slices cook through (the liquid should be about level with the rest of the ingredients when you're done). takes about one to two hours to cook, depending on how many potatoes you use.

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