Al in Underwearland (djinrain) wrote in rumahouli,
Al in Underwearland

the only way you'll ever want ramen again

Yay! Soup season is coming back! Now, I love ramen as much as anyone who ever had to learn to cook for themselves, but I gave it up when I read the ingredients list for the seasoning packets. Yuck! So I went in search of a new way to flavor my delicious ramen while tossing out those yucky packets.
This is based on Alton Brown's Ramen Radiator recipe, but isn't quite as chi-chi because I wanted to use things I actually had in my kitchen. I experimented a little, and this is my favorite version so far:

-2 cups vegetable stock (or 2 cups water+2.5 teaspoons veggie stock paste)
-1/4 cup white wine
-1/4 medium onion, chopped
-1 large or two smaller green onions, sliced
-two pinches dried chili flakes
-salt and pepper to taste
-12 frozen pre-cooked shrimp
-frozen peas, about half a cup
-1 package dry ramen noodles, throw away the seasoning

Line two large soup bowls with aluminum foil, leaving plenty of extra hanging over the sides (a big square of foil works well).
Place half of the loaf of noodles in each bowl, then add onions, shrimp, chili flakes, peas, salt and pepper equally to each, add about 4 drops of honey to each bowl. Pour half the liquid into each bowl. Pull the foil up and over the ingredients and crimp together tightly to form a packet that contains everything and won't leak or lose air. Lift the packets out of the bowls onto a cookie sheet and bake at 400* for 25 minutes. Take the packets out of the oven and put back into the bowls, open up the foil and voila! Instant noodle soup! I don't bother taking the foil out of the bowl, I just leave it there and have less work to do later when I'm washing dishes.
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